About Our Farm Share

Darren and Breigh are proud to provide our COMMUNITY with a CSA program that is ABUNDANT, DIVERSE and Healthy. We strive to ensure the SATISFACTION of our members by providing a great value for our product. 

This is our 9th year offering a CSA program to our communities first in Colorado and now Idaho. Every year it just gets better!


What: A 25 week  market style CSA program. We differ from traditional CSA's where you receive a box of vegetables. Our program allows you to choose what and how much you want.

Where: Mountain Cloud Farm, Clark Fork Idaho

When: Wednesdays from 4pm until 6:30pm, May through October

Why: Eat seasonally, support your local farmer and know where and how your food is produced. 

Cost: $750 a share ($30 a week). Expect to save 15% or more on farmers' market prices!

How does it work? Share members come to the farm where their food is grown to choose from a wide variety of vegetables, berries, flowers, eggs and meat, just like you would at a farmers' market. Expect to save over 15% over farmers' market prices!

What do I get? You name it we grow it, well almost! Our farm produces over 70 different vegetables, herbs and fruit. This includes lots of greens, corn, carrots, tomatoes, winter squash and berries. Plus flower bouquets, eggs and meat. This years meat choices will be ground lamb, lamb sausages and ground beef (all grass fed and finished). On average you take home 12 items a week. This average may be lower in the spring but higher in the summer and fall seasons.

How many people does a share feed? This totally depends on your eating habits, but generally between 2 to 4 folks.

Payments: You can pay in full at any time or use our scheduled payment option. Reminders will be sent out via email.

First deposit of $150 is due April 5, 2019 

Second payment of $200 is due at the first pickup in May. Date to be announced 

Third payment of $200 is due July 5th

Final payment of $200 is due September 6th

Questions, shoot us an email below

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