Free range and grass fed and finished

Here at Mountain Cloud Farm we implement holistic pasture management systems. This rotational grazing practice improves the soil, helps with soil erosion and prevents manure run off while keeping our stock frequently moving to fresh pasture. These practices decrease the chance of parasites, gives the pasture time to rest and time for the forage to regrow. All of our farm animals play a vital role in creating farm fertility. Their manure is collected and used to make a well balanced compost, a crucial part of our soil management system. This year we are excited to offer ground beef, pork and lamb to our Farm Share Members.


Our Laying Flock

Our chickens thrive on pasture in a fence free environment. They roam all around our property eating insects and turning compost. Their highly diversified diet consists of locally grown non-gmo grains, vegetable compost, bugs galore, milk from our dairy cow and a customized mineral mix of kelp, azomite, salt and mineral conditioner. There are many benifits to raising chickens free range, besides keeping the chickens happy it also provides us with nutrient rich eggs!



We raise dexter cattle for beef and keep a jersey cow for milk.  Dexter cattle are a heritage breed from Ireland. They are  know for their hardiness, mothering skills and small size.  Willa, our jersey cow produces creamy milk with a high fat content. We like to make butter, yogurt and cheese with her milk, but we also use it to supplement the diets of our chickens and hogs. All of our cattle are pastured raised without grain and without the use of chemical dewormers and antibiotics. This year we are pleased to offer ground beef to our Farm Share Members! 



We raise both American Blackbelly and Dorper sheep. These breeds are hair sheep and do not produce wool. This gives their meat a mild lamb flavor. The american blackbellys are a heritage breed know for their hardiness, parasite resistance and ability to have multiple births in a year. The Dorpers originated from South Africa and are a larger breed than the blackbelly. When bred together we get the benefits of both breeds. All of our sheep are pasture raised without grain or the use of chemical wormers and antibiotics. This year we are pleased to provide ground lamb and lamb sausages to our Farm Share Members!