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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) reconnects people with the farms that produce their food. Members pay an annual fee before the growing season begins. This payment gives farmers capital to work with early in the season. In return the members pick up their share of freshly harvested produce, fruit, herbs and flowers. Each week the selection varies according to what vegetables are in season. Receive fresh, local, healthy veggies and save money over retail prices. 

What is a market style CSA?

Instead of receiving a prepackaged share, when you arrive at the farm, the weekly bounty will be displayed similar to what you would see at a farmers' market. You bring your own bag or box and shop for the products you bring home!

What is the difference between a CSA share and Market share?

CSA membership is for farm pickup only, while our market share can only be used at our booth at the Sandpoint Farmers' Market. A CSA memberships requires a weekly commitment to pickup your share on the farm while the market share allows more flexibility as you can spend your bucks through the market season. With both programs you choose what you bring home!

When does the CSA start and end?

Our CSA start date will begin in May however it will be sometime in April when we announce the start date. Once we start the first pickup we will continue with CSA pickups every Wednesday for 25 continuous weeks.

When does the Market Share start and end?

The market share credit can be used starting at the first Sandpoint Farmers' Market on Saturday May 5th until the last market on Saturday October 13th. This includes all Wednesday markets.

What happens if  I'm going out of town and I am unable to pickup my CSA share?

We understand you may not be able to pickup your CSA share every week. We just ask that you have a friend or family member pick up for you or maybe gift them your share. You can also make arrangements for us to pre-pack your share for you to pickup on another day. 

What happens if I forget to pickup my CSA share?

If you forget to pickup your share we will automatically pack and hold a share for you in the white refrigerator located in the CSA pickup shed. Please take the share labeled with your name. We will only hold forgotten shares until Friday evening.

How much food do I receive with my CSA share?

On average you will choose to take home any 12 items from the selection of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers or eggs. This is an average over the 25 week CSA, the first few weeks will have less items while there will be more than 12 items during peak season. This is also weather dependent, for example; some years our members get more tomatoes while other years they may receive more cool season crops. 

How many people does your CSA share feed?

This all depends but on average it feed 2-4 folks. We feel that a couple who eats an omnivore diet at home most nights can get through our share. Maybe during peak season you are also able to preserve some food from your shares. If you vegetarian or vegan you may consider buying two shares. 

What if you do not want to commit to a whole CSA share or you're a single person?

Many of our members split shares with friends or family members. Most folks choose to pickup alternating weeks but you could also just split the share each week. You also have the option to buy a Market Share.

How much does a CSA share cost?

Our share cost is $30 or $750 for the season. This is also an average based on our 25 week growing season. Early in the season the average value of our share will be less than $30 however by peak season and throughout the end of the season the average share value is more than $30. We also strive to make sure the value of the food you receive is over 15% in savings from our farmers' market prices!

Where do I send a payment?

Please make checks out to Mountain Cloud and send to:

Mountain Cloud Farm

72 Widgren Way 

Clark Fork ID, 83811


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