About Market Shares

Our Market Share program provides our community with a more versatile option of buying our produce. It is an opportunity for folks who want to purchase our produce at a similar discount as our CSA program but who do not want to commit to a weekly on farm pick up.


What: Buy credit now for our booth at the farmers' market to use this summer and receive a 10% extra in market savings. This credit can only be used at our booth at the Sandpoint Farmers' Market.

Where: Mountain Cloud's booth at the Sandpoint Farmers' Market

When: Saturdays 9am until 1pm, Wednesdays 3pm until 5:30pm, starting May 5th continuing through October 13th

Why: There is more flexibility with our Market Shares program then with our CSA program yet still at a great discount. If you can't commit to driving out to Clark Fork every Wednesday then this is a great alternative. 

Cost: The cost of the Market Share is $400 and in return you get $440 credit to use the farmers' market. After you buy in at the initial $400 mark you then have the option to purchase more market credit in $100 installments for the same 10% discount.

How does it work:  Buy credit before the market starts to use at any Saturday or Wednesday market. You need to spend approximately $18 weekly over the 24 week market season to spend your $440. We ask that you limit your market buck spending to a maximum of $50 at one time. Don't worry we keep the record of your sales.

What do I get: Any item that we sell at the farmers market, this includes a wide variety of vegetables, berries and flowers bouquets. 

Payments: You can pay in full at anytime or use our payment option below.

Deposit of $150 is due by April 5th 2019

Second payment of $250 is due at the first market you attend

Send Payment to: Mountain Cloud Farm, 72 Widgren Way, Clark Fork Idaho, 83811

Questions, shoot us an email below

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